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Go green - New eco-friendly refrigerant

R452A (Opteon®XP44), a non-flammable HFO-based refrigerant with a close performance match to R404A now replacing R404A in our units

GOVI is committed to the protection of our environment through the development and responsible use of clean technologies that replace harmful substances with more eco-friendly alternatives.

Growing concerns about global warming and the atmosphere taking on more and more hazardous emissions push industries to find alternative refrigerants as part of the solution.

Since January 2018 refrigerant R452A has replaced R404A in all our units.

Its performance includes a similar low discharge temperature as well as comparable energy efficiency to refrigerant R404A, making it ideal for both new transport refrigeration applications and updating existing systems that previously used R404A.

With improved environmental properties, but without increased compressor discharge temperatures R452A (Opteon®XP44) is the next-generation refrigerant, a step towards better refrigeration and environmental responsibility.

  • save and non-flammable
  • HFO-based, ozone-free refrigerant
  • reduced global warming potential with GWP on 2141
  • reduction of approx. 50 % compared to R-404A
  • supported and approved by leading component manufacturers
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